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Monday, 4 December 2017

LT Fut 20171204

Comments Embedded in the chart.

BO-Pullback-Followup is the good set up, which has less percentage of hitting SL

Friday, 1 December 2017

NIFTY Fut 2017 Dec 01

NIFTY Fut 2017 Dec 01:

0.Nifty Fut started the day with in the previous day range...

1. BO PDL happened , but there was no pull back.

2. TST-PDL happened was difficult to trade

3. BO-DL with a clear message & pull back worked out well

Friday, 13 October 2017

ICICIBank Fut 2017 Oct 13

ICICIBank Fut 2017 Oct 13:

10:36--- BO-IRH happenend. A pull back & a follow up was a perfect setup.
However, in the heat of the moment, could not hold the FUT comfortably, as the lot size is huge OR my position sizing is wrong.

Nifty Fut 2017 Oct 13

Nifty Fut 2017 Oct 13:

13:06pm--- BO-IRH occured. Waited for the follow up & then entered on the green.
However this trade didnt yield much... (may be because the BRN 10200 was near).

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Yesbank 2017 Oct 12

Yesbank 2017 Oct 12:

Day opened within the previous day range.

1. PDL was broken . BO-PDL which is a short signal. However, there is no follow-up , which means you can expect BOF-PDL, which if happens , is a good one, as we get to buy @ Low point.

.... Intraday range was revealed

2. BO - IRL , which is a short signal. Again there was no follow up. It is possible that this BO-IRL can be read as the follow-up of BO-PDL (1st signal). Better wait for clarity / confirmation.

3. BOF-IRL message came up. Watch for follow up.

4.Follow up was there. Do Buy with IRH as target.

What I did ?

In the heat of the moment, I bought at stage 3. Luckily I was saved by the follow up. Also didnt wait till the 1st target. As it was very late in the day, I was getting into impatient...& just exited very fast. My bad.

Hindalco 2017 Oct 12

Hindalco 2017 Oct 12:

1. Gave a signal that PDC is holding well. However, its too early to read it as a signal. It can be traded with PDH as 1st target. However , it is a mediocre trade, if done.

2. Without any significant pause, it went up. I was not comfortable to take it now also.

3. Intraday Range formed.. gave a pull back it was a clear BO of IRH. There was a follow up move (2nd green after the BO). Do Buy with new highs as target...It moved well.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

TataSteel Fut 2017 Oct 11

My reading & comments inline for TataSteel Fut today.

The important thing I feel is , do nothing until you read a message. The charts are continuously conveying... but we cannot interpret every piece , every time. Better to wait until you read it for yourself.