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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

TataSteel Fut 2015 Oct 14

1. The first candle opened in the previous day range at the lower end. It was a solid long green candle which gave a message it is bullish.

2. Immediately the 2nd candle gave BO-PDH. Buy on a pull back. Exit on FTC , marked cross in the picture[Profit : 2points]

3. TST-IRH is a risky trade. TST-PDH & TST-PDL are good probable trades , but not TST-IRH.

4. BOF_HOD gave a sell signal. If played well , it would have given 1 point, profit.

It is a hindsight analysis and it is easier, than doing it live.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

LICHSGFIN fut 2015Oct13

1. Brk of PDC was a sell signal with PDL as tgt
2. BO-PDL is a sell again. Exit at FTC.

Profit 4 points.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

LICHSGFIN fut 2015 Oct 07

1. Opened near the PDC. It immediately came up. The 3rd candle confirmed , its really bullish. And BO-PDH gave a buy signal.

2. Buy near the pull back of BO-PDH. Exit on FTC , with 2 or 3 points profit

It is a tough day , if you anyone would have traded beyond this as there was lot of choppiness around PDH

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Yesbank Fut 2015 Sep 30

1. Failure to go above PDH, is a sell signal with the target of PDC. Profit potential of 2 ~ 3 points.
 Done for the day !!!

Relcap Fut 2015 Sep 29

It is an event(RBI decision) day. So trade light & cautious.
Based on the SGX nifty & pre-open it is clear it is going to open down. Find for the oppportunity which can be of support near the PDL.


1. RelCap fit the plan. First candle confirmed, it is not ready to go down. Buy near the PDL . Exit with 2 points.

2. Though it is very clear that PDL lends support, owing to the event , no trades executed here

3. Support at PDC is a buy , on a normal day. After seeing such a volatile move, got scared & didnot do any trade here ...

4. BO-HOD is a buy again, with 2 ~ 3points profit. ( didnt trade as I was not watching live)

Monday, 28 September 2015

Yesbank Fut 2015 Sep 29

No BOF-PDH, TST-PDH for sell
No TST-PDL, BOF-PDL for buy

If you have happen to watch this live.... It would have been a boring day. You got to learn to do NOTHING some times.
An example day for doing no trade.

AshokLeyland Fut 2015 Sep 28

First trading day of the new series (Oct2015)

1. Attempt to go above PDH failed, resulting in BOF-PDH. Sell with a target of PDC. Exit at PDC or at FTC.   Since the lot size is 4000, it is ok even if you get 1/2 a point. Profit (0.5 point)

2. BRK_DWN-PDH is a sell again with the IRL as Tgt 1, PDC Tgt2 & PDL Tgt3. FTC resulted in exit . Profit (0.5 point)

3. TST-PDH again resulted in a sell, with PDC, PDL as targets. FTC resulted in exit. Profit (0.75 point)

Conservative estimates = Profit 0.5 points

Thursday, 24 September 2015

YESBANK Fut 2015 Sep 24

Its an expiry day.

0 . Day opened gap down within the previous day range. Initial 2 candles , were green with BO-PDC, projected bullishness. However, there is not much space, as the PDH is very near.

1. BRK DWN of PDC gave a SELL signal. Exit on FTC . ( 3points profit)

2. Sell on TST-PDC. Exit on FTC ( 3~4 points profit)

It is better NOT to  venture beyond this time as it is an expiry day.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

LT fut 2015 Jun 18

0. opened comfortable above the PDC and went above PDH. It could have been considered buy. TP on FTC

1. TST-PDH is a buy with IRH as target. .. but need to TP as there was a FTC (profit : 2 points)

2. BOF-PDH is a buy again, with the previous swing top /IRH as target ..but need to TP as there was a FTC (profit : 2points)

3. BO- PDH was a sell , with IRL target, but there was very little space for this trade .. ( (profit : 2points)

Lets count daily : 6points

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

LT fut 2015 Jun 16

LT fut 20150616:

0. This buy is a failed signal .. (loss 5points)

1. IRH resisted ..hence a SELL with the tgt as PDL ( profit : 2points)

2.BO-PDL is a sell again.. when it failed to go down TP (profit : 0 points)

3. failure to go below LOD was a buy. TP when it failed to above HOD (profit : 14points)

Its possible to have lost if you have traded a buy signal in the circled area .. BO to above PDL .. (loss of 5points )

As usual hind sight analysis is easier than LIVE trading

Profit +6(lets count daily)

Friday, 12 June 2015

LT Fut 2015 Jun 12

LT Fut 2015 Jun 12:

Opened with in the Previous day range.. Formed an Intraday range.

0. Failure to go below PDL was a buy , but since the PDC is very near, it may not be a good idea to get in LONG (Profit :1 point)

1. Started trading below PDL. However there was no clear message of price BO- PDL. Its better not to trade these signal

2. After significanlty coming down, failure to go above PDL is a sell signal, which didnt go below LOD-1 at that moment...hence TP. (Profit :3 point)

3. Break below LOD1 is again a sell, but the signal failed to go below.(Loss : 10 points)

5. kind of double bottom, with LOD -2 holding .. is a buy.. however, the long green candle has already reached near the PDL with very less profit potential.. if you are clever you should not trade ..(profit :1 point)

6. Failing to go above PDL is a SELL... with very less time for EOD, we may not get commitment from day traders.. hence better to skip...

Overall the day could have been a LOSS day ...

Todays count : Loss -10points

Thursday, 11 June 2015

LT fut 2015 Jun 11

LT fut 2015 Jun 11:

Opened above PDH , but could not sustain, came down immediately.
As the FTA- PDC is nearby, no need to go for short.

1. Trading below PDC gave a sell signal, which immediately hit SL. (Loss: 5 points)

2. Trading below PDC again gave a sell signal, with target1- BRN, target2-PDL. It did reach target2.(Profit: 25points)

3. After hitting PDL, started moving UP again , gave a buy signal, which got resisted at 1700 spot , so TP ( Profit 2 points)

4. Formed a kind of double top at 1700 spot, which says its not ready to go up beyond 1700 spot, hence a short again with PDL as target 1. When it didnt go below PDL , TP again at 5.(Profit 10 points)

Profit / Loss : +32 points

Discalimer: It is a hindsight analysis and the profits are notional and not real unless really executed.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LT Fut 2015 June 10

LT Fut 2015 June 10:
Plan: As the LT was trading in a range the major part of the previous day, break out below or above shall be exploited...

Day opened & immediately the previous day range was taken out..
.. comfortably traded above PDH and the price was accepted above PDH.

1. Any buy within 10~15min of BO-PDH, would have easily fetched 5~10points..

2. TST-HOD gave a sell signal, which was so late to trade. Assuming that it was traded , it is possible that we would have closed EOD with no profit or loss..

As usual hind sight analysis is easier than LIVE trading

Profit +10(lets count daily)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

LT Fut 2015Jun09

LT-Fut- 20150609

LT Fut opened near the PDC and traded within the previous day range, forming an Intraday range (IRH, IRL).

1. BO of PDL gave a sell signal, with a potential profit of greater than 5 points..

2. However immediately it recovered forcing to exit with no profit no loss

3. BOF-LOD gave a buy signal with the first target as PDL, which easily gave 5 points

Profit +5(lets count daily)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 24

Since the previous day closed near the high. If it opens with gap up, it is expected to come down & take support at PDH , PDC

As expected PDH & PDC gave a support for a 4 point profit


1. I thought , this '1' identified is the IRL. Hence did a sell with candle top as SL. SL hit . The DP method recommends to hide the SL behind the DP ( here PDC, PDH). Would have been saved , if its done.

2. One more IRL. Again SL hit

Thursday, 19 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 19

It was an inside day yesterday. Hence, exploit when it breaks out of the range (PDH, PDL).

1) Executed the plan. Long on BO-PDH, exited with profit of 4 points.

2) BOF-PDH hit SL

3) BO - PDH hit SL

4) TST-PDL, BOF-IRL-LOD is a buy ... but it is difficult to execute as it is a LOL (layer of layer)

5) BO- HOD is a buy.

Overall there were 2 whipsaws & 1 possible trade seen.
Its easy to do hindsight analysis.

Monday, 16 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 16

I had position of long LT at PDC. Wanted to see , if it can cross PDH, then hold it ,... or exit near PDH.

Did as per the plan.


1. It struggled to cross PDH. It is a short from there, with the candle top as SL, with th target of PDC & PDL... came down easily .. even before the intraday range is revealed...

2. After the intraday range is revealed, there was a TST of IRL.. which is a buy with the BRK DWN of IRL as SL & target of PDL. It again hit IRL ..with a pin bar, and then the tgt.

As it is holding BRN 1650.. Im long again ...

Thursday, 12 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 12

The positional view is, buy at around BRN 1600. So wait for opportunity

Post mortem:
Opened with in the previous range...made an attempt for BO-PDH. Since the intraday range is not clear... no execution

1. BRK-DWN-IRL gave a sell signal, which failed at 2. & gave a buy signal with IRH as tgt

3. BO-IRH gave a buy which was a good one..

Since a buy was being considered in the range of 1600... all the buys were missed thinking SL is too high...

As usual, it is easy to do postmortem.

LIC fut 2015 Feb 12

Yesterday was an inside day. Plan is to exploit , when it breaks out of yesterday's range...


1. BO-PDH was a buy, with candle bottom as SL ... but SL hit.

3. BO-IRH was a buy, with candle bottom as SL... scope for 2points profit...


Actually 1st trade need not have been executed as the intraday day range is not revealed yet.

Recent Analysis ... Intraday range learning is important...before revealing the intraday ranges , if you trade DPs , failures are more.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

LT opt 2015 feb 11

This pic is available in the link here ..

Just reading more on LT..

Observe that OI is heavily built up at 1600 & 1700 ... it shall be interpreted that 1600 is support &1700 is the Resistance..

Need to study &use this information.

LT fut 2015 Feb 11

Opened significantly up (just above BRN 1600) against the PDC , however within the previous day range...

2) 2 nd candle was a TST- PDH.. it receded ...possible short ... but intraday range is not there yet ..

3) Thought it was a BO-IRH... but got trapped , SL hit..

4) Major part of the day it was a BW around PDH and there was a BO-IRH... trigger for Long with the candle bottom as SL... SL got hit...

It was a LOSS day ...

5) This area is BRN 1600 in spot....with 2 DP's (PDH, IRH) so near & above , its a low risk reward trade... which I would not recommend... but it turned out to be a good one ...

This the 2nd day after a huge RED day on 09/feb. It has to be read in that context....
The big picture is : it came down heavily from 1700... price got rejected below 1600... High probable that it will test 1650 -1700 again as this is the budget month ...

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

AXISBNK fut 2015 Feb 10

1) BOF- PDH was a sell, scope for some profit

2) TST-PDH again gave a sell , scope for some profit

3)BO- PDL was a short , but PDL being so near, it would be better to give it a miss...immediately after that BOF- IRL is a buy , but it is better to give a miss for the same reason again...

4) After the picture is clear that , it is not ready to go down... then plunge in for LONG...

Always see , if there is space there for the trade to move, which is nothing but the Profit potential & the risk reward.
As always it is easy to do analysis at hindsight....

LT fut 2015 Feb 10

After a huge RED day , LT closed near the low of the day, yesterday... Today it opened just below PDL.

1) The 1 st candle with a long tail at the bottom, conveys that its not ready to go down further...

2) The next candle was a BO- PDL . Waited for a buy & went long on PDC , with SL as low of this candle.

3) Exited with a 10 points profit...which on hindsight looked like ..I could have waited till BRN 1600... The whole of this trade is completed even before the intraday range is revealed...

4) BO- IRH was again a buy ...with candle low as SL. And SL hit, which means its not ready to go above BRN.

5) So enter short again , with candle top as SL or wait till BRN & short again...with PDL, PDC, IRL as target..

As always its easy for a post mortem ...

Friday, 6 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 06

PDC gave support ... Intraday Range is not revealed, yet ..The big red candle at BRN gave a clear signal that it is not ready to go beyond BRN...

1. BO- IRL- PDC - PDL , a big red candle was a sell , the long tail though is a tricky one... well, got to exit as it started moving up

2. After spending time abve PDC, a new range is being a buy abve PDC shall be taken... well got to exit again as there is a FTC (Fail to Continue)

3. This is the easy part.... BRN was a clear sell

Its all a post mortem at the end of the day

Thursday, 5 February 2015

LICHSGFIN fut 2015 Feb 05

Started within the previous range...A big red candle was formed....the next candle had a big tail near the PDL and it clearly says it is not ready to go down , OR price got rejected below PDL..

1. BO of PDC was a good buy. NOTE: Though the intraday range was not revealed the previous signals gave a clarity to go long...which was a good profitable trade.. exited with 3 points profit..(real trade)

the following analysis are a post mortem , which is easier to do than the trade...

2. TST_IRH was a sell signal , with a loss

3. BO of IRH was a buy .. but after forming a double top SL hit

4. BRK DWN of IRH was a sell which was a good trade ...

AXISBANK fut 2015 Feb 05

Started within the previous range...revelaed the intraday range

2, 3 .... Break of IRH was a buy ...but after a double top , it could not go .. so an exit at 3 with minor Loss

4. BO of IRH gave a sell signal with the tgt of PDC, IRL

LT fut 2015 Feb 05

1. Started within the previous range ..Intraday range revealed
2.TST of IRH can be considered as a sell signal with DO or PDL as tgt
3. Again same as point 2.

My take:

4,5....As it broke BRN 1700 I was holding short position.. Today exited with just 4 points profit as I got Nervous after watching a whole day without going down .. while the nifty is making a swing of +130 to -25..... Also lately I realized 9/feb is the qtr result day for LT & I dint want to take chance on that part ...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

AXISBANK fut Feb 04

AxisBNK fut Feb 04:


1. Based on the previous day big down trend day, I was planning to go short @ 600 around. It didnt happen.
2. Chances are if the PDL holds... it may go up... so planned to buy at 588 & close at 590 for a small profit. It did work . 2 points profit.


3. By the time intraday range is revealed... major action for the day is complete...
However the BO of PDC & PDL was a solid Red, which shall be taken as a short signal...

It is easy doing post mortem... had it been live.. dont know what all I would have done ..

LT fut 2015 Feb 04

1. BO of PDL gave a short signal..with the candle top as SL...& it hit...loss of 9 points...
Intraday range is not revealed & it need not have been taken ...
2. BO of PDL again ... SL being candle top was hit...
3. BO of PDL again ... SL again hit...
4. decisive BO of Day low , if it had been taken, it would have managed the day with limited loss..

LOSS day again ...

Monday, 2 February 2015

LT Fut 2015 Feb 02

1. The big red candle , I read it as BOF of PDC.
Did a short & SL hit... loss of 7 points.

As a matter of fact... this trade need not have been executed, as the intraday range is not completely revealed.

2. BO of IRH , is a good buy, but PDH is so near that there is a vey little space for the trade to move, hence it should be given a miss...

3. BO of PDH gave a buy , it could have given some points profit

4. Breakdown of PDH gave a sell signal, with IRH being so near... it's better to give a miss... , indeed it dint not go down beyon IRH....

5. TST Of PDC & DO was a good LONG... with so much space ...

Overall it was a lose day for me as I dint execute all the trades ....

Friday, 30 January 2015

LT fut 2015Jan30

1.First day of the series
2.Huge tail on the 2nd candle says its not ready to go up... but it is difficult to trade as the previous candle was solid green ...
3. Break of PDH & PDC gave a sell signal with the canlde top as SL, tgt as PDL. the trade has space to move...

... usually a solid full body is considered as a good signal...this was having a long tail at the bottom, which gave me a fear ... hence I exited so fast with a 4point gain....

4. BO PDL..., gave a sell signal. ...SL hit ...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

LT fut 2015Jan29

This DP style of trading is more working for LT , than for CANBK, AXISBNK,LICHSGFIN.
The reason could be
1. We should account some amount of fluctuation also...for low priced stocks with huge lot size ... it is tricky to segregate the signal from the fluctuation.... may be it will work , if the signals are strong enough... but it has to be studied before we plunge in.... already I have burnt my figures enough ....

I will study LT daily for 1 month...