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Monday, 1 August 2016

LT Fut 2016 Aug 01

My comments embedded in the chart..

Its just a reading .. I dint do trade...

The challenge is .. to keep doing nothing until it is clear ...

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

LT Fut 2016 Jul 05

My take on LT on todays chart, with comments embedded in the charts..

ICICI Fut 2016 Jul 05

My take on today's ICICI chart  ... with my comments inline ...

Crude 2016 Jul 05

My take on Crude for the day

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Acceptance as a Trading Virtue

Its not mine... I liked it ... so I'm posting it for my own reference.
Please find the original post in the below link.

Acceptance as a Trading Virtue

I recently wrote on the topic of how the ways in which we analyze markets can generate the frustration we experience as traders.  When we try to fit markets into the ways we prefer to trade, we not only distort our processing of information; we also create inevitable drawdowns.  One trader, needing to trade trends, views a non-trending market as "choppy" and untradable.  But the trader who views markets in terms of cycles knows that there are trending periods in markets and there are mean-reverting periods.  There are higher frequency cycles and there are lower frequency ones.  The markets will tell us how they're trading.  We can listen and adapt or we can impose our own agendas and accumulate frustration.

Similarly, life has its cycles as well.  Sometimes we profit in our life experience and sometimes we face career or relationship setbacks.  Rarely does life progress in a straight line.  If we view our setbacks as opportunities to learn and adjust, we can continuously grown.  If we view our setbacks as failures, we will always internalize the sense of falling short and never sustain the confidence needed to truly move forward.

The trading psychology literature speaks a great deal of discipline and confidence and emotional control.  Rarely do we focus on acceptance as a cardinal virtue.  If we can accept the present and learn from it, we can forge a profitable future--in markets and in life.

Friday, 26 February 2016

TataSteel Fut 2016 Feb 26

TataSteel Fut 2016 Feb 26:

First day of the series..
1. Based on the market open it comfortably opened above the PDC & moved above PDH. It gave off PDH easily.
 Hence its a short. Did move well. Immediately after moving down from our short, it was so volatile, it is tricky to hold on to the short as the lot size is 2000

2. Its a TST-PDH , for a short. I hesitated & left. Thought I will wait until I get a clear BOF-PDH

3. Again another TST-PDH. Thought may be it is really not going high. So I can go short..I did go... My bad it went above PDH.

4. Wow I got a BOF-PDH , which Im favour of to go short. But I dint do this.. because I was watching some other chart at that instant. I missed this one.

5. Though PB till PDL was there.. I didnot want to go short ... as probability of sell @ PDH's is a good one than @PDL's from my experience.

6. Its a good signal to go long .. but it was tricky whether to go buy @ 6a (week buy signal) or 6b (no pull back...)

Net Result: It was a positive trade.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Monday, 15 February 2016

Axis Bank Fut 2016 Feb 15

Similarly Axisbank's shows weakness at 417 ~420 area. Keep a watch on this area on 16/Feb.

These posts are nothing in anticipation. These are the planning activities.
Will review it for tomorrow.

Yesbank 2016 Feb 15

YesBank 2016 feb 15:

Why always post the post-mortem? Why not post the plan ?

YesBank's 30min chart is posted here... well established rectangle box is there.
Use it to sell, if any weakness is percieved @756 ~761 (PDH for 2016 feb 16).

Since the current trend is bearish, I m in lookout for SELL signal.
Today's strength need not considered to change that bearish view.

Let me review it for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

LT Fut 2016 Feb 10

One more chart of similar pattern today, which I didnt do...

Reliance Fut 2016 Feb10

Im heavily biased on the short side ....So I was looking for BOF-PDH.

I did get opportunities  ....

1. Sell with Day High SL., Target PDC, PDL... & it hit PDL
2. TST-PDL was a buy... but since I was bearish, I did not do ...
3. Again it gave another selling opportunity...which , if traded could have given 2 points as FTC came in between.

There will be days like this , when you can make it , easily !!!

Monday, 1 February 2016

TataMotors Fut 20160201

1. TST-PDH gave a sell signal. Possible to capture of points. I missed reading it & so didnt do anything LIVE.

2. BO-PDH is a buy. Volume too supported for a buy. I did buy , this signal, but had to book LOSS.

Plan for tomorrow (2/Feb)

1. The overall 2 days seems to form a flag pattern. Look for buying opportunity, which means, gap down opening near PDL , BOF-PDL need to be watched.
RBI news for interest rate revision is there tomorrow, hence do it with caution or rather wait till the news is out & consumed by the market.

YESBANK Fut 20160201

The previous day was a complete trending day with 11% up. Three things can happen.
It is going to either continue up
it shall consolidate
it shall reverse to go down.

1. BRK -DWN of the PDH, gave a sell signal, which immediately triggered SL.

2. BO- IRH gave a buy signal.But there was no pull back to enter ..... carried over by the influence of the previous trade, didnt attempt this long..

Overall it was a LOSS day with respect to Yesbank.

LT fut 20160201

It opened with a huge gap-up, signifying the strength. However , based on the previous resistance it encountered at 1155-1160, it needs to be watched at that area. It gave up easily , resulting in a sell signal.

PDH & PDL didnt have any relevance today.

Monday, 25 January 2016

RelCap Fut 2016 Jan 25

1. BOF-PDH is a buy. We can expect IRH. But it gave off fast. So unless, you are trading for 1 point, it is loss trade.

2. BO-PDH is a sell. Pull back gave a good opportunity to sell. But it was a Loss trade as it came up again

3. BO-PDH , gave another sell signal. It was a good trade for 7~8points.

Net is a profit trade.

TataMotors Jan Fut 20160125

Initial Candles gave a signal, that its not ready to go above PDH.

1. PDC gave a support , but there was no follow up.. if one has traded, it would be a loss

2. Clear signal of BRk-DWN-PDC. Attempted a short, below the red candle... it came up , hitting SL.

3. TST-PDH , is a sell signal. If one was holding , it was an excellent trade, to hold till the PDL. Bcoz of the earlier loss trade, I exited very early. (early exit due to Fear )

The net is a loss.

The lesson: The probability of success trades near PDH, PDL is more than the ones near PDC. Its lesson learnt earlier also... however, todays BRK_DWN_PDC was such a lengthy red candle, to ignore.

Its all in the game of fear , greed & patience ...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

TataSteel Fut 2016 Jan 07

It was known to be a gap down day(just dont know how much). Since TISCO was on a rally mode, it is assumed that lots of buys were in place. It will drift down a bit initally.
The gap down will trigger the week hands/retailers to exit. However, since i m bullish (based on the current day chart structure) I should look for buy opportunities.

...Day opened ...Perplexed ... confused ...waited for the chart to reveal its range ...
1..Looked like , it hold to 260 levels.. thought of buying...but with confusion I dint go long...then felt relieved when it came down..
2. There was a clear Breakdown of the range. jumped in short @259.6... immediately it started moving up ... lost and  booked at level 3 - 261.2 (Loss 1.5  points).Actual SL should be top of the red candle ..but just holding on the loss with hope dint help ...
 Immediately after booking loss it started coming down.

Hindsight reading:

Again LOSS would have happened , if entered Short in point 4. Because there also was a deep PullBack.

It looks like a cool easy drift down the whole day... one deep PullBack ... put me off...
When trading ranges, deep pull backs has resulted me such losses...

I dont have a strategy to get rid of this... every system has its own pros & cons... may this is one such negative point in this DP strategy ...

On a trending day like this, feel missed out ... that too booking loss though being on the right side ....
I just read some where
" It is us that goof up. Markets will always keep testing us "

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

YesBank Fut 2016 Jan 05

1. BOF-PDL is a buy, profit potential 2 points.
2. BOF-PDL is a buy, profit potential 4~5 points.

TataSteel Fut 2016 Jan 05

It was a kind of anticipation set-up. Refer Tata Steel day chart. It is already in the rally mode/ uptrend. The strategy is to buy on the dips for positional trades. Similarly keep a watch on the buy signals for intraday. Buy signals are BOF-PDL, BO-PDH.

1. BOF - PDH . It's a sell signal. Should have ignored as per my plan. But I did burn my fingers.

2. After a good level of consolidation near PDH, it gave a BO at 264.3. It gave a significant move after that. Profit 7Plus points